Family Owned & Operated

Wolfetrap Fish Market

Our customers can rest assured knowing that everything we offer is responsibly sourced. Our goal is to provide the highest quality seafood to our customers, but also to engage and educate about ways to protect our oceans, now and for future generations.

Seafood is
our passion

Sourcing quality seafood is all about having the right conections. It takes experience in the industrty to establish a direct line to the best seafood available. We have years of this kind of experience and it has served us, our restaraunt and our customers very well.

It was a no brainer to open the Wolfetrap fish market when we did. Our passion is the culinary world and in particular, seafood. We strive to share this passion and educate our customers who come to visit us at the market, so they too can enjoy the benefits of healthy, delicious seafood.

Seafood is our passion
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